Football Leagues

WordPress Football Leagues allows you to select a football league to show on you site as a widget. You can select the number of teams to show, thus allowing the widget to be placed is small footers. You can also Highlight your favourite team. Tweak to your hearts content.

It’s been a couple of years since i’ve made a progress with this plug. I have been making tweaks and improvements to it recently, and continue to do so. The latest version is 0.4.2, go get it from the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The plugin has been downloaded many times, which is fantastic. Do you use the plugin, know of a site that does, please leave some feedback and/or kudos below or tweet me.

If you’re feeling generous, I’d also happily accept a beer or some sweets.


Please feel free to leave comments, feedback or questions below. I will do my very, VERY, best to get back to you swiftly.

  • ajthomascouk

    AJ, I know it was 2 years ago that you requested this, but I will be adding Norwegian leagues for you. I have already added the ‘Tippeligaen’. Which other leagues shall I add?

  • ajthomascouk

    Hey @StayOnPoker:disqus, I realise you requested shortcodes over two years ago, I’ve now implemented them, along with many other improvements. I’d be interested to know if you still use the plugin?

  • Bart B

    Does it auto-update when matches are played? Or do you have to fill it in manually? Is it hard to create other leagues based on the ones you already maked? Unless you’re willing to every country in Europe

    • ajthomascouk

      Hi Bart, yes it does auto update. It uses the best feed for the given league. For example the English leagues use the BBC feed. Its not hard for me to add new leagues. It was never intended to include the ability for users to add their own feeds. I will add them on a per request basis. Did you have a league you were interested in? Thanks Alex

  • Maddiz

    Could you put in the Swedish´s leagues Allsvenskan and Superettan? It would be really appreciated 😀

    • ajthomascouk

      Hey @disqus_fPrCqxeQQj:disqus, I’ll get on this as soon as I can. Can I ask which site you use it on?

  • JLN Designs

    Hi Can you add the African football leagues for the respective countries please. Thanks.

    • ajthomascouk

      Hi JLN, which leagues specifically please?

      • Clement

        Ghana Premier League

  • Steve

    The plugin is not working

    • ajthomascouk

      Hi Steve, sorry about this, it looks like the source code has been change again.

  • Peter

    Hi Alex, is it possible to add the Dutch Eredivisie and Jupiler League (Second Division)?

  • Craig

    Looked like a lovely plug-in but it doesn’t appear to be working any more. Perhaps the reliance on import-dot-io?

  • cosmic

    wont work. I can select my team? Help

  • Emmanuel Odu

    Hi Aj, Please can you add the Nigeria Professional League Table